Mandeville’s Oasis

Located in the centre of Mandeville, the parish capital of Manchester, the Mandeville Hotel offers a unique blend between convenience and tranquility. The location offers easy access to the town’s centre, but once you are passed the Hotel’s entrance, the bustle on the outside will be forgotten.

Made famous as the location of one of the first hotels in Mandeville and Jamaica, hospitality professionals take pride in offering outstanding service, fitting to the property’s rich history. Set amidst sprawling lawns dotted with tropical trees, the Mandeville Hotel is a veritable oasis for visitors. The Mandeville Hotel offers a number of accommodation options and is home to The Arches Restaurant, and The Manchester Arms Pub.

We look forward to being your preferred hotel for your next visit to Mandeville. Get in touch with us, we can’t wait to be of service to you.


Excellent Location, Warm Jamaican HospitalityWHY CHOOSE THE MANDEVILLE HOTEL ?

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